Just Because You Can Is Not An Excuse – Ireland.com’s Stupid Automated Twitter Messages

Whether it’s technology or life in general you’ll always run into people doing odd things. When you ask them why they did it they’ll simply reply:

“Because I could”

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that it’s either a good idea or even advisable.

Take Twitter (again!)

Using a 3rd party service you can automate a lot of things. So when someone new follows your user you can send your new “fan” a message.

Unfortunately most people don’t know how to use this kind of service properly and end up simply abusing it.

Spammers send you affiliate links and general rubbish that you could live without.

What about Ireland.com?

You’d think that a company of their size would have more sense, but they obviously still don’t “get” Twitter.

Their Twitter account sent me this useless rubbish at around 6am this morning a few hours after I “followed” them:
“Thanks for following www.Ireland.com we are always interested in Real stories from Real people passionate about Ireland – Why not share you views – Or visit the site for News, Sport, Gigs, Email, TV, Booking Hotels, etc”

Considering the amount of automated spammy messages I get my only reaction to this is – unfollow immediately. It leaves me wondering if Ireland.com have any semblance of a clue about how to use Twitter.

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Twitter Is Not A Private Phonecall

Companies have embraced Twitter (or at least tried to).
You’ll find companies of all shapes and sizes attempting to get to grips with the new medium.

Unfortunately not all interactions will work out well for people, but they can always try again.

But one thing people need to remember is that Twitter is very public. It is not private.

If you wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing certain details in public, then why would you do it on Twitter?

Even if you felt comfortable talking about things it may not be appropriate to do so. So while it’s fine to give and discuss general things, would you really want a supplier discussing your account’s finances?

I know how I’d feel about that….

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Don’t Believe It

Twitter maybe a wonderful way to spread news, but it can be completely inaccurate..

Jeff Goldblum, for example, has been reported dead several times over the last few weeks.

At least Goldblum has a sense of humour:

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Jeff Goldblum Will Be Missed
Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor Jeff Goldblum
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