Don’t Take It Too Seriously – You’ll Look Dumb!

Apart from all the self-proclaimed experts that want to “cash in” on their superior skills, you’ve also got to contend with those who take it all a little too seriously.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or even Bebo, you’ll nearly always find people who take it all oh so seriously.

There is a lighter side to it all …

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Snake Oil Vendors – We Really Don’t Love You

Professional Prism of Trust from David Armano

Professional Prism of Trust from David Armano

I’m sick of “experts”.

I’m sick of people claiming that they know more about a subject than anyone else when it’s pretty damn obvious that they’ve missed the basics

I’m tired of people selling solutions that they obviously don’t believe in.

So I really really like this graphic which illustrates how much we, the public, trust people on a scale