Spontaneous Success Cannot Be Created

It may seem obvious, but you cannot force something to be spontaneous.
Spontaneous is that – spontaneous. It cannot be contrived or manipulated.
If you don’t believe me check the definition in any good dictionary.

Can you trust this man?

Can you trust this man?

Why is it that some “experts” believe that they can “cod” people (their clients and the media) into believing that they can manufacture spontaneity?

The most obvious example is any one of the multitude of “social media agencies” that have sprung up in the last year or so. While there is a need to help people engage more effectively online, making crazy promises cannot end well. Someone will get hurt.

A “viral” marketing campaign cannot be invented.

You can try to do something that will capture people’s imagination and interest. If you do it well and you are lucky, then maybe, just maybe, you will reach the “Holy Grail” and it will go “viral”
But you cannot guarantee that people will be interested enough for that to happen.

Everyone wants their product or success to become a massive success. We’d all love to become overnight successes, make our fortunes and be able to relax on a tropical island, wouldn’t we?

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Quality Vs Quantity?

No matter which social networks you may choose to use you may find yourself being criticised for what you say (or don’t say).

Should you say everything that pops into your head?

What should you filter out?

How do some people find the time to “tweet” everything?

So now even cartoon characters are “using” Twitter .. maybe the end really is nigh … …


I’m not sure if one word a day would work for a lot of people, but maybe it’s better than the thousands of nonsense “tweets” that some people share every day ..

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