Google Buzz Boosts Buzzword Bingo Industry

Google Inc.
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Social Media gurus rejoiced this week with the launch of Google’s latest service – Google Buzz

Expect to see plenty of “tempting” offers in the next few weeks from “experts” on how to “maximise” your “potential” using the latest Google service.

Google Wave was meant to revolutionise the web, so Google Buzz will, of course, flatten Twitter and takeover Facebook….

Or will it?

Does anyone really care?

One thought on “Google Buzz Boosts Buzzword Bingo Industry

  1. The market unfortunately is saturated with social media sites and wannabes and people I think are kinda going WTF!. As you know I’ve given up on twitter for the most part … because its just too big a time drain. I had a look at buzz earlier in the week and erm … isn’t that just google facebook/twitter or am I missing something. What it may be able to do is to cash in on its already existing fan base. This is key as we’ve seen with facebook and the amount of “pages” / “groups” and apps that have been developed on there as a result of its userbase.

    I’m unsure if its going to take off though I somehow doubt it unless they start to offer something extremely original. We can hope 🙂 But I’d say its going to be another Orkut (or was that a success I still know **** loads of brazilians who use it :o)

    Ah but this is all just my late night ramblings .. its 02:35 here so … probably time to call it a night.

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