FourSquare – Stalker’s Paradise?

Foursquare allows you to post and share your location. Depending on where you are and how adventurous the businesses are in the area, you might get the odd discount or special offer for doing so ..

But there is a potential downside to oversharing your location with the world..

It’s not a new topic, but a recent Guardian article gives a nicely detailed example.

Kind of worrying .. So check your settings!

Facebook the Movie?

It’s not enough that Facebook and its founder get splashed around in the mainstream media day in, day out .. now Hollywood wants us to watch a movie ..

There’s a couple of versions of the trailer floating around.

The first one (below) gives a few headlines and doesn’t show any real action:

The second one is a bit more revealing:

I’m not sure when it’s going on general release..

So will you be going to see it?

Apart from the social media addicts and gurus, will it attract a “normal” audience?