Irish Public Servants To Get Premium Social Media Training

You gotta love Ireland.

In the midst of the doom and gloom of an economic crisis somebody somewhere got the “bright” idea of sending councillors off to learn about social media. At the cost of about €500 a person of taxpayers money you’d have to wonder what they were thinking ..

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The Social Network On Release In Ireland – What Do People Think Of It?

The social network

The Social Network is on general release in Ireland and the UK

Last weekend The Social Network went on general release in the UK and Ireland.

It’s currently playing in most of the cinema chains across Ireland and seems to have been well received.

Have you seen it?

If you have, what did you think of it?

Seemingly Mark Zuckerberg isn’t overly impressed with it, but then again I doubt if many Facebook users are impressed with the latest revelations regarding privacy issues on the popular social networking platform.