TSA Spoof Twitter Account

Unless you have been avoiding the news and social networks for the last few weeks you’re probably aware of the TSA’s latest.

The TSA was setup after 9/11 to:

…strengthen the security of the nation’s transportation systems while ensuring the freedom of movement for people and commerce. Within a year, TSA assumed responsibility for security at the nation’s airports and deployed a Federal workforce to meet Congressional deadlines for screening all commercial airline passengers and baggage. In March 2003, TSA transferred from the Department of Transportation to the Department of Homeland Security.

TSA employs a risk-based strategy to secure U.S. transportation systems, working closely with stakeholders in aviation, rail, transit, highway, and pipeline sectors, as well as the partners in the law enforcement and intelligence community. The agency will continuously set the standard for excellence in transportation security through its people, processes, technologies and use of intelligence to drive operations. (source)

However, they are not exactly the most popular organisation.

In the last few weeks there has been a lot of backlash with respect to how TSA are scanning passenger’s and touching them. And no – that wasn’t a typo.

So it’s not that surprising that there’s now a spoof Twitter account that is sending out gems like this:

Travel Advisory: Playing dead does not get you out of a rub-down. Neither does actually being dead


The confusion at the security gate is manufactured. Confused passengers are submissive passengers

I somehow doubt the TSA are amused, but if they try to remove the account the backlash will be a LOT worse.