CoTweet Standard Being Pulled


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CoTweet Standard, which is used by a lot of companies to manage Twitter for teams, is being withdrawn on February 15th

From then on CoTweet will only be offered as a paid service under a new name “SocialEngage”

There aren’t much details about SocialEngage on the CoTweet / Exact Target site unfortunately, nor is there any information on pricing. It looks like they’re adding support for tracking Facebook, but without knowing pricing etc., it’s really hard to see if this is going to end up costing companies a lot more than they’ll gain or not.

Their Enterprise product “Cotweet Enterprise” may have been very powerful, but it also came at a very high price.

So are there any viable alternatives?

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Gathering Social Media Metrics With TwitSprout

TwitSprout recently launched their beta, or at least let me access it, and while the name suggests that it’s a Twitter related service it also works with Facebook.

What does it do?

The basic plan, which is free, gathers a number of metrics related to your social media activities into an easy to use and quite visual dashboard.

With the paid plans you can also get information on your competitors, which is probably the more innovative aspect of the service.

If you’re looking for instant gratification then you’re going to be disappointed, as the service has to work within the limitations of Twitter and Facebook’s respective API limits.

Once its reports are ready they’re pretty impressive, as it gives you pretty much all the data in one place, which is handy. Other services that I’ve tried will give you part of the data but this does it all in one place.

Pretty nifty!



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