Let’s Play Buzzword Bingo

Do you ever read website copy and die a little inside?

Just because other people’s websites are full of meaningless “buzzwords” does not mean that yours has to be as well.

Sure. We all fall into the traps of using jargon instead of plain English from time to time, but the web 2.0 / social media guru types really take linguistic abuse to new levels.

You too can play the game.

Try this generator out for a bit of fun.

Now pick up a copy of your favourite business magazine or simply check out the company news section on most “web 2.0” sites. Anything look familiar?

Or how about the reinvention of language?

Ten years ago most people probably wouldn’t have associated the word “viral” with marketing. We’d have been thinking about physical ailments and infections. Along came “viral marketing” and the term took on a whole new meaning.

But wait! How can you “produce a viral” or “launch a viral”? Check the definition.

You can try to produce a “viral”, but you can’t guarantee that it will “go viral”, so why call it a “viral” in the first place?