Zuckerberg Redefines Pretentious

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has been getting a lot of flak in recent weeks about Facebook’s attitude and handling of privacy for its users.

During a recent interview Zuckerberg was asked several times about privacy. He failed to give a convincing answer.

Watch the entire interview to see how Zuckerberg, yet again, redefines “pretentious” once again.

At the same conference Apple’s Steve Jobs also fielded a question on privacy. Jobs’ reply is so different to the attitude of Zuckerberg that it’s worth quoting:

Silicon Valley is not monolithic….We take privacy very seriously….We do a lot of things to ensure that people understand how their data is being used. That’s why we curate the App Store….Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for–in plain English

Don’t Take It Too Seriously – You’ll Look Dumb!

Apart from all the self-proclaimed experts that want to “cash in” on their superior skills, you’ve also got to contend with those who take it all a little too seriously.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or even Bebo, you’ll nearly always find people who take it all oh so seriously.

There is a lighter side to it all …

Via Mashable