Be Careful Mixing Business With Pleasure

For a lot of people a business is known for its staff.

In the case of very small companies the staff are the company.

So if you are in business and you are using Twitter / Facebook bear that in mind. If your “personal” account is going to be associated, even indirectly, with your business account just take a moment to reflect before you post.

Reflecting does not equate with modifying or changing your personality. Personality is important.

It just means that you should think a bit before you tweet. Once you’ve posted it there is no going back.

Numbers Make Us Yawn

Seemingly some Irish person on Facebook has a fan page

Seemingly 100 thousand people have clicked on the “like” button

Seemingly this is meant to impress us all

Numbers don’t mean anything.

Look at Twitter

Celebrities that never ever use the service have 5 and 6 figure “follower” figures, simply because they’re celebs.

Expect lots of coverage of this “story” over the coming days. Expect “experts” to pontificate at length on what it all “means”

Apple Launch Social Network. Spammers and Scammers Move In

Apple’s big announcements earlier this week included the release of iTunes 10 with a new look and feel and the launch of Ping.

Ping, which should win the prize for least imaginative social network name ever, is Apple’s “answer” to social networking seemingly.

Want to join Ping? Then you need to use iTunes. Don’t have iTunes? Tough. Want to browse it online? Tough. has nothing to do with it. And I don’t think you’ll find a ping.anything that is in anyway related to Apple’s new venture.

Personally I’ll be sticking to!

Meanwhile Ping, apart from being well, boring and totally lacking in anything, is being attacked by spammers and scammers.