Be Careful Mixing Business With Pleasure

For a lot of people a business is known for its staff.

In the case of very small companies the staff are the company.

So if you are in business and you are using Twitter / Facebook bear that in mind. If your “personal” account is going to be associated, even indirectly, with your business account just take a moment to reflect before you post.

Reflecting does not equate with modifying or changing your personality. Personality is important.

It just means that you should think a bit before you tweet. Once you’ve posted it there is no going back.

One thought on “Be Careful Mixing Business With Pleasure

  1. Have to agree strongly on this though I know I am at fault at times.

    Swearing … having a bad day … moaning … its all public and suddenly associated with a company I guess more leeway is given to smaller companies in some respects I mean I don’t think vodafone for example say … say hello to our employee xyz on twitter

    I originally thought about having a personal account and a work account but for one person it would have just been too much so I just stuck with Forbairt for both.

    I guess one thing you could encourage staff to do is to have private accounts (ie no data being public on their twitter account)

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