Angry Birds Gets Real

Angry Birds is one of those games that is all too easy to dismiss, but it’s also incredibly easy to get addicted.

Just ask anyone who made the mistake of installing it on their mobile device!

But how would it play out if you brought it into the real world?

German mobile company T-Mobile did just that as part of an advertising campaign: Brings A Different Social Angle To Music

I’ve seen a few “social” music services and apps over the past few years. They’ve all been quite interesting, but not overly engaging. might turn that experience on its head.

You can now chat with friends (and strangers) whilst “DJing”.


Play music, listen and vote

Play music, listen and vote


If you like a tune you can vote it up and give the “DJ” points..

Word of warning – it is quite addictive!

Which Twitter Client Do You Use?

If you use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a regular basis then you probably don’t rely solely on the “standard” web interface. You’re more likely to be using some kind of desktop (or mobile) client.

Personally I’ve been a big fan of Tweetdeck, but the last few days it has become more unstable than usual and has become practically impossible to use.

I asked a few people what they’d recommend and got some interesting replies.

Here are a few of them:


Twitter (official)


Seesmic (desktop and web)




So what do you use? And, more importantly, why?