Which Twitter Client Do You Use?

If you use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn on a regular basis then you probably don’t rely solely on the “standard” web interface. You’re more likely to be using some kind of desktop (or mobile) client.

Personally I’ve been a big fan of Tweetdeck, but the last few days it has become more unstable than usual and has become practically impossible to use.

I asked a few people what they’d recommend and got some interesting replies.

Here are a few of them:


Twitter (official)


Seesmic (desktop and web)




So what do you use? And, more importantly, why?

7 thoughts on “Which Twitter Client Do You Use?

  1. In what way has TweetDeck become “impossible to use”?

    That would be big news, surely, given the £40m investment Twitter have made/are about to make in it?

  2. I use Tweetdeck, Twitter itself and Hootsuite if I am updating LinekdIn and Facebook as well. Of the three I prefer Hootsuite, mostly because of how you can manipulate the channels and of course the fact that it is a lot easier to keep track of streams.

  3. @Shane – it eats up RAM and then “hangs”. It’s never been the most stable of clients and a lot of people had been reporting various issues with it over the last few months

  4. Still using TweetDeck with few problems. Would prefer it had better functionality, but still feel it’s all round the best on desktop (for my needs anyway).

    Hate it on mobile, though. I use the Twitter official app and Hootsuite there.

  5. @Shane – it depends on how heavy a user you are .. I suspect my usage patterns are part of the problem .. though only part, as other people I know have had issues ..

  6. TweetDeck, why? Hmm, it makes messaging very easy – i increased my presence in twitter thrice thanks to just TweetDeck. The pop-up window is cool.

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