Sick Of SnakeOil Salesmen? Self-appointed Experts?

The internet is a wonderful thing. It’s a great leveller. The CEO of a multinational corporation can “talk” to a startup and vice-versa..

Unfortunately it’s also far too easy for people to take advantage of others. The “web” is full of self-appointed “experts” and “gurus” who charge stupid amounts of money.

Enough already!

Just because you’ve read a couple of articles about marketing doesn’t make you a “professional marketer”

So what if you can record your own voice on your laptop. You’re still not a “professional podcaster”

And as for Twitter, Facebook and the plethora of other “social media” sites .. they act as magnets for the vocal yet inept.



The reality is that there are a lot of very talented people out there who know what they are doing. Who really “get” online business, marketing and social media.

Let’s cut through some of the “bull” and the rubbish and help people without assaulting their bank accounts

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