Social Is All About Permission

If you’re going to use “social” as part of your online strategy you need to remember a key concept.


Earlier this morning I got an email “invite” from a contact to join a site that likes to see itself as being “social”.

I ignored the invite but the wording of the email really touched a nerve:

Skillpages unsubscribe email footer

Skillpages unsubscribe email footer

Why on earth would I “unsubscribe” from something I’d never subscribed to in the first place?

Who gave them permission to “subscribe” me in the first place?

It is possible that this is just bad wording on their part and that what they actually mean is that clicking on the link will “block” my email address from being used ..

Now why don’t they actually say that?

It’s also worth noting that Facebook’s notifications include equally misleading wording, so Skillpages aren’t alone in this.


LinkedIn’s April Fool’s

Today being April 1st the web is awash with April Fool’s jokes and pranks.

Some of them are pretty clever, while some of them are downright silly.

One that caught my eye was LinkedIn’s

If you go into the “people you may know” section you’re in for a surprise:

LinkedIn April Fool Joke 2011


Some Social Media Icons

If you’re looking for some social media themed images and icons there’s an excellent variety of them over here.

Some are “free” for non-commercial use, while others are released under a Creative Commons license.

Just check the license before you use them – though most of them seem to be pretty liberal.


The Social Network Available For Pre-Order

The Social Network is probably going to win a lot of awards before the year is out.

If you haven’t seen it yet it will be released on DVD and BluRay in Ireland and the UK on February 14th. have it for €23.99 (bluray) and €18.49 DVD. Both prices include free delivery.

Amazon are listing the bluray for £16.93 (approx. €20) and the standard DVD is available at £12.93 (approx €15). Pricing excludes delivery, but they offer free delivery on orders over £25.

US audiences can already get their hands on a copy, as it was released on bluray and DVD there last week.

Facebook Goes Down – Millions Scream

Last night Facebook suffered an outage.

It wasn’t a particularly long outage, but due to the site’s sheer size the impact of the outage was felt globally.

Millions of people were forced to talk to their spouses, girlfriends, co-workers and neighbours face to face (in real life).

Oh no!

The Social Network On Release In Ireland – What Do People Think Of It?

The social network

The Social Network is on general release in Ireland and the UK

Last weekend The Social Network went on general release in the UK and Ireland.

It’s currently playing in most of the cinema chains across Ireland and seems to have been well received.

Have you seen it?

If you have, what did you think of it?

Seemingly Mark Zuckerberg isn’t overly impressed with it, but then again I doubt if many Facebook users are impressed with the latest revelations regarding privacy issues on the popular social networking platform.

Twifficiency Shows How NOT To Use Twitter’s OAuth

Twitter, in common with other social networking sites and services, has an authentication system. In Twitter’s case it’s called OAuth and it allows you, as a user, to give applications and service access to your account. For an application or service to function correctly it might need to gather information from your Twitter stream. Maybe it needs to see who you follow and who follows you etc., etc., etc.

All quite innocent and boring really.

However some applications are badly written – either intentionally or accidentally, and you can easily end up giving a 3rd party far too much acess to your account.

In the case of Twifficiency as soon as you login via OAuth it will send a “tweet” to all your followers saying:

My Twifficiency score is xx%. Whats yours?

So basically publicising itself.

Needless to say it doesn’t ask you before it does this nor does it give you any warning or indication that it’s about to do it, so it basically spams your followers

The developer, meanwhile, is denying he did this intentionally (you’d think he’d have checked .. .. )

So what can you, as a user, do?

Change your settings and avoid badly coded services like Twifficiency.

UPDATE: The “service” now has a checkbox on its main screen allowing people to opt out of the automated tweeting of their “score”

Facebook the Movie?

It’s not enough that Facebook and its founder get splashed around in the mainstream media day in, day out .. now Hollywood wants us to watch a movie ..

There’s a couple of versions of the trailer floating around.

The first one (below) gives a few headlines and doesn’t show any real action:

The second one is a bit more revealing:

I’m not sure when it’s going on general release..

So will you be going to see it?

Apart from the social media addicts and gurus, will it attract a “normal” audience?

Bebo Shutdown or Sale Iminent – So Where Does All the Content Go?

AOL bought Bebo a couple of years ago. At the time they probably thought they’d got themselves a bargain. Bebo was doing really well in the UK and Ireland. It wasn’t doing so well in the US, but that could have changed..

Of course it didn’t change. Bebo’s traffic shrank and upstart Facebook came along and stole their thunder..

But what of the content?

If you’ve uploaded photos and other content onto Bebo you could easily end up losing access to it all completely.

Tip: Back it up now. Or simply move on.