Don’t Annoy Your Followers

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Remember all the “wonderful” messages you used to get on Facebook? “You’ve been bitten by a vampire” etc., etc.,

They may have been fun if you were a twelve year old, but if you spend any length of time online these kind of interruptions just become annoying.

Now over on Twitter the same kind of thing happens.

This time round the latest annoyance is called SpyMaster, which is supposedly in “private beta”.

In typical web 2.0 fluffy language they’ve got the worst kept secret in Twitterville. Not only does everyone know about it, but they’ve also setup their application in such a way that it spams thousands of other Twitter users via “direct message”!

End result – not only has the application managed to alienate potential users, but it’s also managed to upset thousands of users who weren’t even playing the game.

You can see all the “tweets” from people playing and people complaining about the game here

Moral of the story – don’t annoy people

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